Gooseberry Luxury Candle

Gooseberry Luxury Candle


Gooseberry Luxury Candle  from Tipperary Crystal.

Our luxurious range of fragranced candles are hand poured and hand finished using a natural blend of wax and a lead-free cotton braided wick to ensure a clean, toxin-free burn in your home. Each fragrance is made using the essence of essential oils and has a maximum of 40-45 hours burn time.

Reminiscent of long lazy Summer Days spent in the garden, a light fruity refreshing scent with a crisp citrus oil and delicate floral notes combined with light fruity green scent from the hedgerow fruits. Delicate spring flowers melt into the tip note of fresh succulent tart Gooseberries. This candle will envelop your home with an enchanting and inspiring fresh fruity floral fragrance.

40-45 hours burn time. New weight 300g / 10.5oz.