Medina s/2 lanterns chrome


Medina set of 2 lanterns as an elegant sweeping concave curve and are beautifully made to create a brilliant radiated light. with a traditional 4-glass-sided shape, the frames and tops are crafted from mirror-finish polished chrome, while the tops also have an attractive textured pattern. on top each lantern has a traditional ring, so they’re easy to carry from room to room, or to hang up to light up a room from on high. with one medium and one large lantern, they’re ideal to have either in different rooms or together. try them in a bedroom to create a snuggle-up romantic atmosphere; or in a lounge to make it relaxing; or in a dining room for intimate dinners with friends and family; or even in a hallway or porchway as a welcome home.


  • Medina Set of 2 Lanterns
  • Mirror-finish chrome frames and tops
  • Traditional 4-sided glass panel design
  • Curved textured top
  • Carry or hanging handles
  • Stunning stylish candleholder