Merlin Easy Mop

Merlin Easy Mop



Available for delivery nationwide with delivery charges applied.

  • The unique Merlin Mop, micro-fibre cleaning system, cleans all hard flooring, including wooden, laminate, parquet, vinyl, tiles and marble.
  • This New Generation, Super-Absorbent Mop will leave your floors hygienically clean and dry.
  • Use wet to mop up spills and wash away tough stains.
  • Use dry to pick up dust and dirt
  • Includes two machine washable microfibre mop heads, so when the pad needs a bit of a clean, you can swap it for the spare one and pop it into the washing machine to be freshened up.
  • Wash, Rinse, Clean and Dry all in the same bucket!


1. The Rugs have a flat delivery charges of €5.99 for each rug. 

2. We deliver almost everything within 30 Kms of our radius now, You can opt to pay the delivery charges at the end depending on your distance. You can also add 2-3 items that can fit in a car FOR A SINGLE DELIVERY CHARGE.

3. If you are ordering from outside of Dublin, RUGS/CHAIRS & NON-GLASS ITEMS are only eligible for DELIVERY due to fragility issues.

4. We use external services to deliver our products and hence if you have any returns or exchanges, you return at your own expense. Sorry for any inconvenience  caused.