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Smart Vacuum Solution is here:

  • Smart Suction Control
  • Smart Battery Management
  • Smart Noise Optimization
  • Smart Filter Self Cleaning
  • Smart App Integration
  • All-in-one LED Display


Powered by built-in artificial intelligence, PURE ONE S12 Pro EX truly transits from traditional, functional device to a smart one.


All-in-one LED Display

The PURE ONE S12 Pro EX is equipped with an all-in-one LED display, keeping you updated on working status and cleaning information, including dirt level, battery, suction power, pussoble malfunctions, etc. This display just became your new cleaning assistant!


Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The PURE ONE S12 Pro EX is also embedded with a capacitive touch screen, allowing you to control suction power. Not only can you switch from AUTO to Manual mode as you wish, but you can also swipe on the power control slider to adjust suction with just the touch of a finger!


Smart Filter Self Cleaning

The Smart Filter Self Cleaning Tool can clean your filter automatically in an instant. No more waiting, no more dirty filters. The PURE ONE S12 Pro EX promises consistent suction power and an uninterrupted cleaning experience!


Smart Suction with iLoop™ Dust Sensor

The iLoop™ Smart Dust Sensor, an innovative breakthrough in cleaning tech, can detect hidden dirt and automatically adjust suction power in real-time. Enjoy hassle-free and effortless cleaning with the PURE ONE S12 Pro EX smart vacuum – the future is now!


Smart App Integration

Upgrade your PURE ONE S12 Pro EX experience by connecting to the Tineco App. Track your cleaning progress, check for malfunctions, and get real-time updates and reports from the palm of your hand. Download the app today, and discover the true power of the PURE ONE S12 Pro EX!


Smart Noise Optimization

The ultra-quiet operation of the PURE ONE S12 Pro EX reduces noise to as low as 71 dB(A). Quiet as a whisper, it won’t disturb you or your family members. Child and pet-friendly!


Easy Recharge & Storage

The dual charging wall mount holds the vacuum and three accessories onboard for easy storage and charging. Save space and keep your home tidy and neat!


Inclusive of other cleaning parts. Please refer to image.

Pure One S12 Pro

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