Silver/Rose & Gold/Silver Bangle

Silver/Rose & Gold/Silver Bangle



1. Product comes in an elegant box packing.

2. Ideal for gift category.

3. Premium quality.

4. Designer elements.

5. Comes with a fancy Newgrange Handbag.



1. The Rugs & Hoodies have a flat delivery charges of €5.99 for each rug. 

2. We deliver almost everything within 30 Km of our radius now, You can opt to pay the delivery charges at the end depending on your distance. You can also add 2-3 items that can fit in a car FOR A SINGLE DELIVERY CHARGE.

3. If you are ordering from outside of Dublin, RUGS/CHAIRS & NON-GLASS ITEMS are only eligible for DELIVERY due to fragility issues.

4. We use external services to deliver our products and hence if you have any returns or exchanges, you return at your own expense. Sorry for any inconvenience  caused.